These are the important resources I know of. If there are more that should be added do let me know:

*   the beginner tutor books by Mick Bramitch, Bertram Levy and Canadian Frank Edgely which you can order on the net. e.g through They are very good general intros, and quite handy to start you off, and have good diagrams of keyboard layouts and standard fingering options. They don’t offer much for the player who wants to improve an already established basic competency, or learn about bellows technique or Celtic expertise. However, Bertram Levy’s website is worth a view. He is a veritable Anglo concer maverick, and plays various types of music on the instrument. His 2nd tutor is “American Fiddle Styles for the Anglo Concertina” and although I haven’t seen a copy, its  table of contents listed on his website suggests it could give food for thought for the purely Irish player.

*   the DVD/video tutor “Learn To Play Irish Concertina” by American accordion and concertina player  John Williams, which you can obtain here.  It is very useful indeed at a beginning to intermediate level. Such a relaxed presentation style too which keeps things simple, and makes progress seem straightforward and attainable. John takes you through several tunes, shows you in detail how to cross-row, and play several ornaments and drones.

*   the Mad for Trad  CD-Rom Concertina tutor by Co. Armagh virtuoso Niall Vallely.  Mad for Trad don’t appear to have their own website, but if you Google this product you’ll find places to order it online . The Vallely CD-Rom is thorough and well set-out with great little video clips showing both sides of the instrument playing simultaneously. But still it doesn’t go in enough depth into high-level playing, what I’d hoped for, nor into Vallely’s own special techniques ( which we’d all like to learn of course !).

*   a new development is the Online Academy of Irish Music, where you can have a free sample lesson on concertina ( and all the other instruments), or pay a monthly fee for access to the longer lesson. The free lesson I saw ( on a reel called “The Lobster” ) was clear and helpful. To even watch the free lesson you have to ‘subscribe’  and get a user name etc. Good site.
*   there are 9 Irish tunes for Anglo demonstrated on video at this site – . I’ve not looked at all of them.The playing is slow, which is helpful, but there doesn’t seem to be any tuition about ornaments etc, which I think would be a good addition

*  the Irish Concertina ! site is of course totally up your ( and my) alley and worth a look. Includes loads of links to Youtube videos of Anglo playing.