to this second version of my supplementary tutor for playing the Anglo concertina. I’m Simon Wells, an Anglo player from Australia. The first version was written in 2003, and made available via a link on the www.concertina.net website. It enjoyed some attention, and since my own knowledge of the instrument has advanced since then, I am emboldened to offer an update.


This tutor is supplementary in the sense that it is not intended as an exhaustive guide to the instrument. I wouldn’t bother re-inventing the wheel that others have well and truly rolled out. But I do cover some aspects of the instrument’s technique which I feel other tuition resources have not dealt with, because most of them are directed at a very basic level of playing.So I hope that some players will respond with other insights and these I will attempt to incorporate over time to produce a resource which is more complete and contains this collective wisdom and experience.

Anglo concertina by Sydney maker Chris Ghent

This site is NOT the Holy Gospel of the Anglo According to St Simon. I defer to the greater knowledge of better and more experienced players. It’s just an extra resource, my take on the instrument in Celtic music, and willingly amended with useful feedback from anyone who wants to comment

Here is a list of the best of the available learning resources you should know about, and look into, borrow, or buy.


There are 20 pages to this site, some under the headings on the menu bar above. Much of the first edition material is repeated, because I consider it ‘basic’ stuff. But I’ve expanded in this edition to include various other features, including –

* the FIRST EVER fully explained, charted and scored guide to the playing of rolls in Irish concertina.

* fitting chords to your tunes

a discussion of ornamentation as a function of rhythm

very soon I hope to add sound files, demonstrating some of the tunes and techniques

Concertina by NSW, Australia maker Richard Evans